Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pepco customers need love too!

The Maryland General Assembly is back in Annapolis for a Special Session. The focus has been on firing the PSC commissioners and on rate relief for BGE customers near Baltimore who might face a 72% increase. What about some help for Pepco customers who have seen equally large increases (albeit in stages)?

As reported by Ann Marimow and Matthew Mosk in today's Washington Post, there is much Maryland could learn from Pepco regulators in Washington DC. The plan is to match the way the DC handles power auctions to ease future rate increases.

What else could Maryland learn from Washington DC to better manage our public works and utilities?

The District seems way ahead in a number of areas. For example, many traffic signals in DC for years have used more efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LED) rather than Edison era incandescent bulbs. Besides reduced maintenance and energy costs, LED traffic signals can be connected to a backup power supply so that they continue to work for several hours during power outages. But here in Maryland, the State Highway Administration is still using the old technology even on brand new traffic signals. A good example is the brand new signal on Connecticut Avenue just outside the beltway.

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