Friday, September 15, 2006

Pepco's picks for the election

A review of the campaign finance database reveals which Maryland candidates are the largest recipients of campaign contributions from Pepco employees and the Potomac Electric Power Company PAC during the current election cycle. Here is a list of the recipients of at least $1,000:

Bob Ehrlich for Maryland Committee 27,175.00
Friends of Dereck Davis 12,226.41
Marylanders for Mike Miller 8,000.00
Friends of Ulysses Currie 3,500.00
Friends of John Astle 2,186.44
Friends of Doug Duncan 1,910.00
Exum for Senate 1,500.00
Friends of E.J. Pipkin 1,500.00
Friends of Mike Busch 1,375.00
Citizens for Brian Feldman 1,300.00
Friends of J. Lowell Stoltzfus 1,250.00
Friends of John F. Wood, Jr. 1,250.00
Friends of Michael Vaughn 1,200.00
Friends of George Leventhal 1,140.00
Friends of Brian Moe 1,135.00
Friends of Rona E. Kramer 1,000.00
Citizens to Elect Dick Sossi 1,000.00
Michael Steele for Maryland Committee 1,000.00

Governor Bob Ehrlich is the big winner, receiving the maximum $6,000 in PAC contributions and over $27K in total contributions. The largest chunk of the contributions were received during a five day span in late December 2003 and several of them were at or near the maximum $4,000 from individual Pepco executives. Competitor Martin O'Malley is mysteriously absent although his running mate, Delegate Anthony Brown received a token amount of Pepco money.

Next in line comes Delegate Dereck Davis from Prince Georges County, Chair of the powerful Economic Matters Committee which oversees electric utilities. Delegate Davis' largest individual contributor was Ms. Therese Yewell of Beltsville, MD who lobbies for Pepco in Annapolis ($1,000). He also received $4,000 from the PAC.

And third is Senate president Mike Miller who's district is served by Pepco. He received $5,000 in PAC money in addition to $3,000 in individual contributions.

Most of the large recipients serve in the General Assembly with the exception of George Leventhal who is an at-large member of the Montgomery County Council from Takoma Park. George sits on the transportation and environment committee which has responsibility for overseeing Pepco's service.


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